Vegan stuffed and roasted tofu turkey for thanksgiving

Vegan Stuffed Roasted Tofu Turkey

This tofu turkey is definitely the star of the show, every holiday feast has that one special dish that centers the whole meal.
This holiday season try this amazing roasted stuffed 'turkey', it is honestly better than any other I tasted or made before. 
I have spent my time developing and perfecting the recipe so it will be the best part of you meal.
I have gotten compliments from carnivores so even you non-vegan family members are going to appreciate it.

Purple Wildflour Vegan Bakery

Whenever I go in the kitchen, whether it is for cooking or baking, I need to have my music with me. I thought it would be nice to share with you the exact song that describes my feeling towards each recipe. That way you can have a similar experience while cooking... 

Recipe's song:

I think this recipe calls for a really special song because I have spent so much time perfecting it. I chose the song How Soon is Now by The Smiths, It is one of my favorite songs ever.

It also has a symbolic appearance in one of The Smiths most controversial albums. (look it up)

Purple Wildflour Vegan Bakery

Let's start:

Prep time: 12 min.
Resting time: 10 hrs.
Roasting time: 90 min.
Difficultyhard. Servings: 10 ppl.

Tools: Ingredients: Glaze
  1. In your food processor, place your tofu pieces and the water, blend a little until smooth.
  2. Add the spices, the oil, mustard and white wine. (I really recommend using white wine but you are able to substitute with water or vegetables stock). blend for 30 more seconds, just until everything is blended well.
  3. Add the gluten and blend for 30 seconds, the dough with be pretty firm so more that that will probably be hard on your blender, remove the dough into a clean surface and knead well for 3-4 minutes until well combined.
  4. Spray a thin layer of oil on a clean, large glass bowl, Place the tofu mixture in the Bowl and push down using your hands, to prevent air bubbles. 
  5. Prepare you Vegan thanksgiving stuffing.
  6. While still in the bowl, scoop up the inside of the dough leaving an 1.5-2 inches layer of the dough.
  7. Fill with the prepared stuffing and use the scooped out dough, roll it out and place on top making sure all of the stuffing is covered well. 
  8. Cover with plastic film and place a weights on top of the dough to create pressure (I used a pot with 2 cans).
  9. Leave the pressed down dough in the refrigerator for 8-10 hours.
  10. Remove the turkey dough from the refrigerator. turn the bowl upside down very carefully on top of a baking paper and release the turkey out of the bowl. If you prefer an oval shaped turkey, you can shape the dough a little with your hands very carefully.
  11. Transfer the baking paper with the turkey onto a screen tray. Place the screen tray on top of a baking tray. (the screen tray will allow the turkey to be roasted for a long time without the bottom of it burning)
  12. Heat your oven to 385 F.
  13. Prepare the basting sauce: Mix all of the sauce's ingredients in a bowl.
  14. Brush a thick layer of the basting sauce all over the turkey's upper side, Place a large, metal bowl on top of the the turkey. (the bowl should not be touching the turkey)
  15. Bake the turkey for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove the bowl, brush another layer of the basting sauce and bake for 20 minutes more (without the bowl).
  16. After 20 minutes, Brush another layer of sauce. Lower your oven temperature to 365 and place the turkey for another 15 minutes.
  17. Brush another layer and bake for another 15 minutes.
  18. Garnish with fresh thyme and lemon slices. 
  19. Enjoy!

Purple Wildflour Vegan Bakery

Have you already tried it?

Go ahead, share your version with me, take a picture and tag @pwildflour


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