Purple Wildflour brings the taste, aroma and style of French cuisine to the South Florida area in a glorious vegan version (you won't be able tell the difference).


My name is Sharon (Benari) Bounik, I have been a pastry chef since 2013. My longtime dream was to open up a little Parisian style pastry shop, where people could enjoy their daily cup of coffee along with their favorite desserts. I have started my culinary training in “Estella” Tel-Aviv, and continued it in “Le Cordon Bleu” Paris for my Patisserie Diploma, topped with various culinary workshops along the way. My training gave me the foundation for all of my pastry making skills and knowledge. I have led as a pastry chef at some very high-end restaurants and bakeries and earned a lot of experience in the industry.


In 2017, me and my beautiful family decided to relocate to South Florida. At that time, I became vegan and realized how passionate I was to recreate my desserts, only this time, in their vegan form. After a long period of experimenting with different methods, I came up with recipes that felt just right to me.


I opened “Purple Wildflour” in October 2019, and started offering my vegan baked goods commercially. Now, I am hoping to share them with as many vegans and non-vegans as possible. Be warned! My pastries have been known to make most people literally want to go vegan.


The past year have proved to be very challenging for me, as my booth at the farmers market has been closed due to COVID. Having my main point of sale closed for so long made me rethink my whole approach to my business and try to share as much of it as I can online. I have started shipping a few items and have been working hard on developing new an innovative recipes for everyone who is interested in vegan baking and cooking. I share them in my new recipes blog and in my social media accounts. 



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