The Purple Wildflour Story

Purple Wildflour brings the taste, aroma and style of French cuisine to your table in a glorious vegan version, as well as sustainable living tips and articles.


My name is Sharon (Benari) Bounik, I have been a pastry and culinary chef since 2013. My longtime dream was to open up a little Parisian style pastry shop, where people could enjoy their daily cup of coffee along with their favorite desserts. My career in the culinary and pastries world began in 2013, I was fortunate enough to earn my four chef diplomas as well as serving as a chef at some of the finest restaurants and bakeries.


In 2017, me and my beautiful family decided to relocate to South Florida. At that time, I became vegan and realized how passionate I was to recreate my favorite recipes, only this time, in their vegan form. After a long period of experimenting with different methods, I came up with recipes that felt just right!


I opened “Purple Wildflour Bakery” in October 2019, and started offering my vegan baked goods commercially. Now, I am hoping to share the recipes with as many vegans and non-vegans as possible.


The farmers market I operated in has closed due to COVID only 4 months after launching the bakery, and that left me with a healthy amount of debt (understatement!).

Having my main point of sale closed for over a year made me rethink my approach and try to share the recipes I created with my fellow vegans and try going the affiliate way, and maybe earn a few dollars doing good, hasn't really paid at all, but it's still fun, so enjoy :)