• Vegan Beet Seitan Kebab Skewers

    Vegan Beet Seitan Kebab Skewers

    Vegan Kebab Skewer I am so happy with these cute seitan kebab skewers, they are juicy, tender and they smell amazing! 💜I always love a good challenge, and so my sister just mentioned that dish the other day and I thought to myself, "why not try it?" Two days later, this dish was born and I am very happy to share it with you now,...
  • Vegan 'Gefilte Fish' for Passover Seder

    Vegan 'Gefilte Fish' for Passover Seder

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      Passover is coming and with it all the traditional holiday food.I was never a big fan of this traditional dish, It is a fish ball in kind of a jellified sauce and it was served cold as an appetizer on the Seder table. It is very common in European Jewish families. I took the idea and the presentation and made my own vegan version, just to keep...
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