• Vegan Labaneh cheese

    Vegan Labaneh cheese

    This creamy, savory and a little sour cheese goes with literally everything. It is originally from Lebanon and is usually based on yoghurt. The probiotics of the yoghurt is what gives it that sourness.I might be the only one, but I even eat it on French toast. Try it! It's good 💜This, of course is a vegan version of that old favorite, based on...
  • Vegan Boursin Cream Cheese

    Vegan Boursin Cream Cheese

      This is a new cream cheese that I made from cashews. It is inspired by my mom's absolute favorite cheese 🧀Black pepper Boursin.Unfortunately, my mom isn't able to give her thoughts about the cheese as she lives very far away...  But In my humble opinion, it is pretty dang close. I hope she would agree with me when she tries 💜In any case, my...
  • Vegan Hard Sliceable Cheese

    Vegan Hard Sliceable Cheese

      One of the hardest thing to find, is a good, hard, tasty, sliceable yet meltable yellow cheese. The struggle for a good plant based cheese is real. I keep hearing the dissatisfaction of my fellow vegan friends with the current products and it made me kind of blue  There is really nothing you can do about it... except make your own! This is...
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