• Cinnamon Filling

    Cinnamon Filling

      If you are a fan of the classic cinnabon, you will love this filling. Cinnabon is essentially a soft, yeast dough rose, filled with a rich caramelized cinnamon filling. For my yeast dough recipe press this link. Ingredients: 200 g coconut oil 400 g coconut sugar (or any other sugar) 100 g cornstarch 2 tbsp ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp ground clove 1/2 tsp ground...
  • Vegan spaghetti and meatballs in red sauce

    Vegan spaghetti and meatballs in red sauce

    Vegan spaghetti and 'meatballs' in red sauce  I just love this one, it has all the things that make for a comforting and satisfying dish. The balls themselves are very easy to make, they are packed full of protein and fibers and they are very good at absorbing any flavor you like to give them. Originally I have made this recipe because someone had...
  • Goodness Filled chocolate chip cookies

    Goodness Filled chocolate chip cookies

      Imagine the best chocolate chip cookie you tried... Good right? Now imagine that same cookie, only filled with a fudgy chocolate truffle. There is nothing in this world that is better than a deliciously soft chocolate chip cookie filled with vegan milk chocolate ganache.. That is just a fact. Good, delicious food has been know as stress reliever since the beginning of time:) Need...
  • Holiday season recipes

    Holiday season recipes

    It is the season!! I absolutely love the fall! I love everything about it, the color of the leaves, the coolness that kind of sneaks up on us, the shorter days, The comforting foods and of course all these wonderful occasions to celebrate! (Plus my birthday :) !) But, with great celebrations, comes great responsibility!. Weather you are hosting for the holiday or you...
  • Cinnamon and Spices Loaf Cake

    Cinnamon and Spices Loaf Cake

    Cinnamon and spices loaf from top angle   This is one of my favorite recipes ever, the cake is so simple and yet, so unbelievably delicious and moist. The spices give it that extra taste and aroma that pull this cake right to the top of my recommended baked goods list. A lot of people who tasted it, mentioned that this cake made them...
  • Beets Gnocchi in Lemon and Pistachios Pesto

    Beets Gnocchi in Lemon and Pistachios Pesto

    Beets gnocchi with pistachio and lemon pesto Oh I just love this one. Look how colorful and fun it looks! I love foods that are fun to look at, fun to make and of course, fun to eat. Usually I love my gnocchi to be served with a creamy sauce (if you prefer creamy check out my notes), but this time I actually prefer...
  • Chocolate Fudge cookies

    Chocolate Fudge cookies

    One of the best cookies you’ll taste!. The rich chocolate flavor and the moist fudgy texture makes for the perfect cookie to eat with your midday coffee, afternoon tea or any other time really ;)... The softness of the cookie makes it perfect to use as an ice cream cookie sandwich or a dark chocolate cream cookie sandwich like the one shown in the...
  • Rolled Tofu Nuggets

    Rolled Tofu Nuggets

     Rolled tofu nuggets with sesame breadcrumbs  These are just the best vegan tofu nuggets! I don't have a lot of things that I really miss since becoming vegan, honestly, the transition to veganism in my diet was fairly easy (I am not talking about my job which required that I relearn the pastry world from scratch). There are only a few things that I...
  • ‘Fish’ balls

    ‘Fish’ balls

    ‘Fish’ balls with creamy garlic dip This recipe is a unique one. I had no previous experience with the nonvegan versions of it, at all. In my past life (before turning vegan... ), I was never one to like fishy foods. I never ate anything that came out of the water, so this was a special challenge for me. A little background as to...
  • Crispy Asparagus

    Crispy Asparagus

    Baked breaded asparagus with garlic and sriracha dip   I have yet to find a person to say no to these crispy delights. If you are looking for a nice snack, or a special side dish to serve to your guests, try these out. The tenderness of the roasted asparagus with the crunchiness of the breadcrumbs just makes me so happy! The wet batter...
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