• Roasted Eggplants Hummus

    Roasted Eggplants Hummus

    Just like any hummus, this spread is perfect to eat by itself, or as a spread in your favorite sandwich. I love this recipe because it is packed with nutrients, while still delivering amazing taste. My son will not eat eggplants any other way, but he loves munching on this hummus.  EggplantsEggplants are a very nutritious addition to your food routine, they provide a...
  • Vegan Quinoa and Feta Summer Salad

    Vegan Quinoa and Feta Summer Salad

    I am that person who loves everything with extra Lemon! I truly believe that almost all dishes would benefit from an addition of some sort of lemon flavour, So, this lemony, fresh salad is exactly the type of thing I love to make. I find that quinoa is a little bit more grainy in texture than other grains, I mean, It doesn't really soften all the...
  • Vegan Homemade Mexican Salsa

    Vegan Homemade Mexican Salsa

    The first time making this salsa, I made a small amount. I never make a big amount of a new recipes because I don't like to waste food, in case it is less than delicious. That was a mistake, the salsa didn't last more than one sitting... :) Try this recipe with my homemade vegan garlic naan (flat bread) Just so you'll know... TomatoesWho doesn't...
  • Vegan Creamy Hummus (oil-free)

    Vegan Creamy Hummus (oil-free)

    Creamy delicious oil-free hummus 💜 oh my.....Our love for hummus is undeniable, it is nutritious, quick, delicious and so much fun to eat.You can spread it on bread, you can drizzle it on a salad, you can wipe a piece of pita bread with it (the only real way to enjoy it if you ask me 😋), you can even eat it with a...
  • Vegan Tuna-less Salad with Chickpeas

    Vegan Tuna-less Salad with Chickpeas

     Vegan chickpea tuna-less salad sandwich For a while my husband requested I'd try this, he used to love tuna salad and would mention it every couple of weeks. I had never liked that salad and so it took me a while to decide on making this one but finally, I caved in. This recipe is supposed to be a 'tuna'-like salad to cater to my...
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