• Vegan Quinoa and Feta Summer Salad

    Vegan Quinoa and Feta Summer Salad

    I am that person who loves everything with extra Lemon! I truly believe that almost all dishes would benefit from an addition of some sort of lemon flavour, So, this lemony, fresh salad is exactly the type of thing I love to make. I find that quinoa is a little bit more grainy in texture than other grains, I mean, It doesn't really soften all the...
  • Vegan Hard Boiled Eggs for Passover Seder

    Vegan Hard Boiled Eggs for Passover Seder

      Passover is coming and with it all the traditional holiday food.At the Seder table, the tradition is to eat a hard boiled egg dipped in salt water to remember the tears of the ancient Israelites and destruction of the Temple. In an attempt to keep the tradition alive, in a cruelty free way, I have made this eggs imitation recipe. It is so cool that...
  • White Wine Jam Infused with Golden Kiwi (Alcoholic/Non-alcoholic)

    White Wine Jam Infused with Golden Kiwi (Alcoholic/Non-alcoholic)

      I love drinking a glass of wine with dinner sometimes, I love the flavor, richness, and feel of a good wine accompanying my meal. If you know me, you already know I am currently in the late stages of a pregnancy at this point in time (good times growing a person inside :)), and so I don't get to enjoy that treat for...
  • Vegan Homemade Mexican Salsa

    Vegan Homemade Mexican Salsa

    The first time making this salsa, I made a small amount. I never make a big amount of a new recipes because I don't like to waste food, in case it is less than delicious. That was a mistake, the salsa didn't last more than one sitting... :) Try this recipe with my homemade vegan garlic naan (flat bread) Just so you'll know... TomatoesWho doesn't...
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