• Roasted Eggplants Hummus

    Roasted Eggplants Hummus

    Just like any hummus, this spread is perfect to eat by itself, or as a spread in your favorite sandwich. I love this recipe because it is packed with nutrients, while still delivering amazing taste. My son will not eat eggplants any other way, but he loves munching on this hummus.  EggplantsEggplants are a very nutritious addition to your food routine, they provide a...
  • Vegan Mushrooms and Lentils Pâté

    Vegan Mushrooms and Lentils Pâté

     Vegan lentils and mushrooms pate decorated with apple jam and roasted almonds Beautiful and delicious green lentils and mushroom paté, with roasted almonds and red onion.This beauty is as tasty as it is good for you! 🌿Packed with fiber, protein, nutrients, and flavor, you might find it hard to stop eating...What are you waiting for?Try it and let me know what you think! LentilsLentils...
  • White Wine Jam Infused with Golden Kiwi (Alcoholic/Non-alcoholic)

    White Wine Jam Infused with Golden Kiwi (Alcoholic/Non-alcoholic)

      I love drinking a glass of wine with dinner sometimes, I love the flavor, richness, and feel of a good wine accompanying my meal. If you know me, you already know I am currently in the late stages of a pregnancy at this point in time (good times growing a person inside :)), and so I don't get to enjoy that treat for...
  • Homemade Strawberry and Chia Seeds Jam

    Homemade Strawberry and Chia Seeds Jam

    Do you sometimes feel like eating something sweet but you don't want to feel guilty for eating a lot of sugar? I know I do....Do you ever feel like your sweets don't have enough nutritional value? Have you ever tried Chia seeds-based jam?This delicious spread is so good, both for your body and your mind! It is based on fresh produce and is stabilized...
  • Vegan Creamy Hummus (oil-free)

    Vegan Creamy Hummus (oil-free)

    Creamy delicious oil-free hummus 💜 oh my.....Our love for hummus is undeniable, it is nutritious, quick, delicious and so much fun to eat.You can spread it on bread, you can drizzle it on a salad, you can wipe a piece of pita bread with it (the only real way to enjoy it if you ask me 😋), you can even eat it with a...
  • Vegan Gourmet Spinach & Cashew Dip

    Vegan Gourmet Spinach & Cashew Dip

    I am so excited about this spinach dip! The first time I made it, I literally ate it up with a spoon. It will be a perfect addition to your feast as a spread to put on your holiday buns. It can also be an appetizer served with breadsticks or with crispy baked sweet potatoes fries. It is just so good. Let's start: Soaking...
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