• Vegan Banana and Almond Pancakes

    Vegan Banana and Almond Pancakes

    These pancakes have become our favorite breakfast food to eat at home. After you try to make them, you’ll definitely understand why…. They are soft and fluffy, and they have just the right amount of sweetness. The nice thing about this wonderful recipe is that you can really play with it to make it your own, I used all types of different flours and different...
  • Classic Matzah Brei (Matzah Pancake) for Passover

    Classic Matzah Brei (Matzah Pancake) for Passover

    Passover is coming and with it all the traditional holiday food.  Some things never change. Ever since always, this simple Passover latkes were one of my favorite Passover foods. It is so so simple, it can be sweet or salty. It is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside... It has everything I like. Now you can make them just perfect with...
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